Thinking makes anxiety worse

Brene Brown says there are three things any destructive emotion feeds on: secrecy, silence, and judgment.

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Brene Brown, the world-famous shame and vulnerability guru, shared in Oprah Winfrey’s show a simple method for healing shame, which applies to all negative emotions in general:

“To grow exponentially, shame absolutely needs three things: secrecy, silence, and judgment. …

If you think you can quit, you probably can’t

A surprising discovery by Bill Wilson, the founder of AA.

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How to break free from addiction for good?

Whether it’s alcohol or social media, if you have battled with addiction for any number of years, you know that it’s not enough to just stop. Stopping is relatively easy. The hard part is not to start again.

Bill Wilson, a co-founder…

How to reduce stress by addressing nutritional deficiencies

Some people feel bored when life goes well.

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A lot of stress is self-inflicted. That is, we can avoid it if we choose to. But we choose not to. The reason is that our bodies “need” it. Often people don’t want to reduce stress because they use it as compensation for their nutritional deficiencies.

According to Dr. James…

J.R.R. Tolkien’s favorite way to write

From an English to Russian translator.

Bag End
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I started translating a new book for one of my old clients today (Russian into English). So I thought I would jot down some thoughts and insights on the process of translating a book from a co-creator’s standpoint.

Translating a book is an act of co-creation, not a mechanical process

How do you translate a book? I start with the mindset. Having…

Eugene Terekhin

Eugene Terekhin is a translator, SEO writer, and driftwood craftsman.

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